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PMG strength and performance have been helping athletes and fitness enthusiasts for over 10 years, guiding them to achieve their full potential using empowering tried and tested training methods that get results.

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PMG strength and performance are an athlete performance training system based in Co. Armagh Northern Ireland. Our goal is to ensure your results are our priority. The PMG strength and conditioning methods originated due to the surplus of cookie cutter programs that lack measurement of performance to help determine whether improvements are being achieved and whether changes need to be made to the program. With over 10 years strength and conditioning experience in Gaelic football, hurling, camogie, soccer, Olympic weightlifting, sprint performance, triathlon training and general health and fitness, head coach Peter McGill has the experience, knowledge and tool box of training tools to ensure you reach those desired results. We believe that athletes can make improvements with the correct training intervention in place. So whatever your training goals we can help you reach them.

From GAA performance training to rehab and fitness.

We offer a diverse range of services to suit most individuals. From team sports performance training to rehabilitation exercises and remote coaching on a 1 to 1 basis and body recomposition. Whether you chose to train with us in the gym or online, our programs will be designed towards your individuals needs. As a result you’ll be given a service that is tailored to your needs and specific goals. Your goals will be determined at your initial consultation.

Who Are We?

Head coach Peter McGill is a UKSCA accredited strength and conditioning coach with a MSc in strength and conditioning. Currently based in Armagh Northern Ireland, he works with a diverse range of clients ranging from the general public who want to get into shape and stay healthy to senior Gaelic football teams, sprinters and cyclists. Aiding with performance, fitness testing and injury prevention, to mention a few things, Peter plays a key role for some of the local players and their performance goals. Peter also coaches a range of clients outside of the local GAA scene, including stock car drivers, teenage soccer players, cyclists who compete at high levels and athletes with physical disabilities who compete for high level competitions in track and field.

Outside of the sports performance field, Peter has trained individuals who have suffered with back pain for years, helping them minimise pain to be capable of carrying on with daily activities; individuals with soft tissue injuries and general population clients who want to improve their health and fitness. With a vast knowledge of human biomechanics, motor learning and skill acquisition, Peter will use the best methods to design and implement specific programming to help you become the best you can be on the field or to live a healthy lifestyle.


MSc strength and conditioning

Accredited strength and conditioning coach (UKSCA)

Weightlifting Ireland level 1 coach

Eleiko weightlifting for sports level 1 coach

Gaelic football L1

What Our Clients Have to Say

My first time working with a PT and was made to feel completely at ease, would highly recommend!

Christina Powell

I came to Pete with a pain in my left hip when I squatted. After seeing the physio i was given the all clear to train a little. Pete did some screening tests and it was found I had a shift during the squat because of tightness on my left side and this was pulling … Continue reading Dylan Brennan

Dylan Brennan

After following the 4 week training program from my home, I am delighted with my results and meeting my target!! I would strongly recommend Peters program to anyone who finds it hard to get motivated/find the time to get out to a gym. I got great support and expert advice from Peter throughout the 4 … Continue reading Eimear Kelly

Eimear Kelly

Loving the online sessions. Didn’t think they would be for me but loving them so far after 8 weeks. The sessions are so easy to follow. Loving the results too. Old cloths fitting nicely after the lockdown weight creeped on.

Elly Garvy

Would highly recommend PMG 👌

Fintan Sherry

Can’t speak highly enough about Pete as a coach. So much experience and knowledge. Brilliant programmes and first class results!!

Grainne O Neill

Great trainer, very knowledgeable and super to work with.

Lauren Curry

Best Strength & Conditioning Coach around. Really helped me recover and build strength again after weakness caused due to a back injury. At the start I was fearful as I didn’t want to hurt my back, but Pete looked after me well. We started slow, which I found annoying as I was a keen hard … Continue reading Maire Powell

Maire Powell

I was really impressed with the online strength and conditioning services Pete delivered. While the program seems simple in terms of overall program, the volume and intensity were tough going but I loved the challenge. Thankfully Pete could alter the performance program to suit my needs as I was carrying a little injury here and … Continue reading Sean Robertson

Sean Robertson

Peter is a great coach, helping me to perform better in aspects of my sport (Gaelic football) at a high level. Plenty of good craic at the gym.

Thomas McGleenan