Push ups load when scaling back

A little bit of useful information for those who are interested in push ups and the famous bench press debate; the more you can bench, the more push ups you can do, apparently!

The research suggests that push ups require you to move approximately 64% of your bodyweight when performed on the floor from your toes. If you regress back to a box for example you will press less of your bodyweight, which is what we all know but the pic below will give you an idea of how much.

Push Up variations and scaling
Push Up variations and scaling. Data from M Duffey, V.M. Zatsiorsky (2002)

One thing that isn’t on the picture below, you will press about 49% bodyweight when performed on your knees.

Now, if you weigh 60kg and can do one full push up on your toes, you should (in theory) be capable of bench pressing 38.4kg for one rep, which is 64% of your weight.

If you can bench press the above weight easy enough but struggle to do a solid push up, you likely have core or motor control issue, and vice versa if you can press up your bodyweight but struggle to bench press 64% of your body weight.

Id love to know your bench press numbers and whether you can do a solid push up.

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