Accommodating Resistance Training

Accommodating resistance training is a method that uses bands or chains to increase the resistance of the load throughout the entire range of motion. 

Trap bar accommodating resistance training

Performed correctly will increase the amount of time the athlete can accelerate the bar because the tension in bands will increase throughout the entire lift. The athlete is required to accelerate the load which will require greater muscle activation throughout the exercise. 

A greater acceleration phase will then allow for greater velocities to be maintained and therefore greater average power outputs can be achieved.

Accommodating resistance is great for potentiating during competitive times or following a strength training block to target velocity on the force velocity curve 💪🏼 🏋️ 🏐

Additional benefits include none to minimal hypertrophy gains, so we don’t need to worry about adding any additional mass to the athlete.

To follow a training plan that will cover the training elements you need for your sport, follow the link and I’ll see if I can help based on your needs. 

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