Strength and conditioning coach Peter McGill in the gym

Head coach Peter McGill is a UKSCA accredited strength and conditioning coach with a MSc in strength and conditioning. Currently based in Armagh Northern Ireland, he works with a diverse range of clients ranging from the general public who want to get into shape and stay healthy to senior Gaelic football teams, sprinters and cyclists. Aiding with performance, fitness testing and injury prevention, to mention a few things, Peter plays a key role for some of the local players and their performance goals. Peter also coaches a range of clients outside of the local GAA scene, including stock car drivers, teenage soccer players, cyclists who compete at high levels and athletes with physical disabilities who compete for high level competitions in track and field.

Outside of the sports performance field, Peter has trained individuals who have suffered with back pain for years, helping them minimise pain to be capable of carrying on with daily activities; individuals with soft tissue injuries and general population clients who want to improve their health and fitness. With a vast knowledge of human biomechanics, motor learning and skill acquisition, Peter will use the best methods to design and implement specific programming to help you become the best you can be on the field or to live a healthy lifestyle.


MSc strength and conditioning

Accredited strength and conditioning coach (UKSCA)

Weightlifting Ireland level 1 coach

Eleiko weightlifting for sports level 1 coach

Gaelic football L1

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